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Welcome to Bennett Construction!
Working in all of Central Texas

All types of home improvement and repairs,
with 20 Years in Business.

Our Projects, Products and Services

Get a pair of sawhorses or
purchase a detailed guide with a set of exact plans to construct your own sawhorses

Looking for a great gift for a Do-It-Yourself person?
Prefer to construct a pair yourself and have a fun Do-It-Yourself project?
Try our inexpensive guide with plans to construct your own sawhorses.
These are available in Spanish and always include metric measurements.

How about a pre-built pair of sturdy sawhorses for all those projects.
Check out our page about our sawhorses.
Pre-built sawhorses are only available locally. Shipping of pre-cut parts is very expensive.
For other locations we recommend the above set of plans.

News, Changes and Updates

I have had to temporarily stop selling online plans.

September 21, 2019
The surgery was a success! They had to drill through the plaque and put in a stent.
I feel great now! The cardiologist wants me to wait as long as possible before I get my hip replacement.
I am on blood thinners for one year. Hip hurts a lot, but I can wait for a while. I need to update this sitte, but I am occupied with some other domains I bought. This site can wait for right now.

The world is starting to fall into huge economic problems. Global politics are insane and terrifying right now. All of this is most likely going to get worse before it gets better. Politics and economies run through a repeating cycle throughout history. This is just another cycle.
I am more concerned about all of this right now, so my focus will be elsewhere for a time.
Enjoy life as much as possible, because things will get better, but worse times need to be passed through first.

I have had to temporarily stop selling online plans.

July 30, 2019
I have been diagnosed with some cardiac arterial blockages. Scheduled to get that fixed August 6th.
I should feel much better and energetic than I have felt for quite a while. Looking forward to it!

Waiting to get the online plans back up and running.

June 12, 2019
I am going to start looking for a replacement payment method for the online plans.
I also have many other plans than the sawhorse plans that I was just about to put up when all the problems below started. Life is full of surprises. Some good, some bad.

I have had to temporarily stop selling online plans.

Feburary 28, 2019
Two ugly but fixable problems have come up.
I have run into extremely bad problems with PayPal.
This has cost several thousand dollars and has forced simply abandoning a checking account without paying the huge overdraft fees that we have been paying for until now. PayPal simply will not take money, as setup in their own options pages, from a checking account full of money, but rather insists on taking the money from an empty account which results in hundreds of dollars of overdraft fees.

For now, until I setup with a payment service that is not owned by PayPal (they own many!), I have had to temprarily stop selling online plans. This will change shortly, which has become a longer time due to the other problem.

I have been diagnosed with avascular necrosis in my right hip. This isn't arthritis, but a lack of blood supply to the top of my femur bone is causing the section of bone at my hip to begin dying. I am working on scheduling surgery for a new hip joint and moving to a place where I can get in and out of after the surgery for physical therapy. Once that's done, good as new.

We are not doing any in-field work at this time.

August 28, 2014
I started having seizures so severe that the first one nearly killed me.
These came from an injury from knocking muself out years ago before even starting this company.
I continued working in the field until I realized that after having seizures on the job (months apart), it was simply too dangerous for me to either work in the field. Thankfully, my father drove my truck during this time.

I am selling online plans only now with payments through PayPal.

I have kept up the entire website with the hope that my situation will allow me to change to a General Contractor only and do all of the work thorough sub-contractors in the future.

We do jobs as small as unclogging a sink and as big as building complete homes and additions.

We work with our customers to give them what they want, not the "one size fits all" approach that the original home builders use.

It is your home or business, it should reflect your needs and desires.

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