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Welcome to Bennett Construction!
Working in all of Central Texas

All types of home improvement and repairs,
with 20 Years in Business.

Our Projects, Products and Services

Get a pair of sawhorses or
purchase a detailed guide with a set of exact plans to construct your own sawhorses

Looking for a great gift for a Do-It-Yourself person?
Prefer to construct a pair yourself and have a fun Do-It-Yourself project?
Try our inexpensive guide with plans to construct your own sawhorses.
These are available in Spanish and always include metric measurements.

How about a pre-built pair of sturdy sawhorses for all those projects.
Check out our page about our sawhorses.
Pre-built sawhorses are only available locally. Shipping of pre-cut parts is very expensive.
For other locations we recommend the above set of plans.

News, Changes and Updates

We do jobs as small as unclogging a sink and as big as building complete homes and additions.

We work with our customers to give them what they want, not the "one size fits all" approach that the original home builders use.

It is your home or business, it should reflect your needs and desires.

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