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New Home We Framed and Corniced with Skylights and Cathedral Ceilings

Skylight in Kitchen - Another View

Skylight in Kitchen - Third View

Skylight in Master Bath

Skylight in master bath - Lots of work to build! Each 2 by 4 has both a different length and combination of two angles at the top and also at the bottom

Skylight in Master Bath - Another View

Skylight in Master Bath - Other Side

Master Bath

Tub and shower with seat. Tubs and showers are filled with water to test plumbing and to settle the tub, otherwise the wall tile could crack the first time the tub was filled

Skylight in Kitchen

Notice how the wall seems to twist on left side. Walls of skylights that have wider openings at the bottom are not flat. The wall is a twisting curve even though each individual 2" x 4" is perfectly straight

Windows and Cathedral Ceiling

Family room looking out from kitchen. Complicated cathedral ceiling over windows

Family Room Ceiling - Another View

Another view of family room looking through opening from kitchen. Top of fireplace visible to left


Looking from family room through opening to kitchen