Still Working Hard! 1997 - 2020

12 ft by 20 ft Portable Guest Room or Bedroom

Walls Raised and Braced

All that plastic sheeting is left over from the day before when it rained heavily and we had to cover the building.

Walls Raised - Another View

Walls Raised - Third View

Roof in Place

Roof in Place - Another View

Installing Felt

Windows and Felt Installed

Felt (Tar Paper) keeps out moisture.

Siding Being Installed

Siding Installed - Another View

It is much easier and more exact to cut the hole for the door after the siding is installed!

Outside Shell Finished

Outside Shell Finished - Another View

Inside Finished

Finished and Painted

Finished and Painted - Another View

Finished - Soffit and Fascia

Finished - Far Side View

Finished - Back View

Finished - Side View