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Projects Ideas - Looking Better

Making Things Look Better

Cleaning Things Up

  1. Pressure wash siding, driveways, sidewalks, bricks, etc.
  2. Clean, stain and seal wood deck or fence - Photos
  3. Trim trees and shrubs - Tree limbs can damage your shingles quickly!
  4. Haul off trash/brush in yard
  5. Tear down and haul off rotten patio roofs or storage buildings
  6. Replace rotten fence posts


  1. Paint front of house only
  2. Replace the two small sections of fence on sides of house only
  3. Add stained wood or plastic shutters to windows in front
  4. Install tile, stone or brick on top of sidewalks or patios
  5. Replace light fixtures outside
  6. Replace windows on front of house
  7. Replace or paint front door
  8. Replace sliding glass door with French doors
  9. Change regular window to bay window style box
  10. Add railing to existing deck - Photos
  11. Change columns to improve style of house (more massive or delicate, simple or fancy) - Photos


  1. Paint one or two rooms, like living room or dining room
  2. Re-texture and paint previous bad drywall repair jobs on walls
  3. Install tile or linoleum to entrance area or bathroom
  4. Add crown moulding to ceiling to make a room more formal - Photos
  5. Add ceiling fans where regular lights are now
  6. Replace dirty or cracked switch and outlet plates
  7. Replace ugly doorknobs with a new style
  8. Add knobs to cabinets