Well, the call was put off by Rhodes. It was to be a three-way call with him and the VP Billy Simmons.
He said he was unable to contact him and he was probably called into work.

He, Billy Simmons, may be available tomorrow or Saturday.
Since no contact was made, that leaves things as completely undetermined whether any conversation will ever actually take place.

I am a very patient person. I ran my own business for years.
I also hired subcontractors and also worked as a subcontractor when I started my business.

This is exactly the response I received when the contractor did not want to pay me for my work as a subcontractor or
when a subcontractor did not want to come back and finish the work.

I did a ton of work when I was involved in new house construction cleaning up after contractors who disappeared.
I also did the same when I switched over to remodeling.
Sometimes it was the home owner or previous home owner I was cleaning up after, too.

I admit that I might be wrong, but in my best judgement things have indeed fallen apart with OathKeepers and
those at the top are, for whatever reason, possibly including excessive pride, are not responding to sincere efforts for help.

$120-$220 per month for a bare metal server, exclusively used by OathKeepers

Software for email server, web server and database server are %100 free.

Same for website software including a new forum and payment connections to ad sponsors.

Anyone can submit possible articles and stories to be reviewed and possibly put up on public or private sides.

I doubt that there would be any problem getting donations to pay for server.
These mostly run themselves after configuration is complete.

Membership packets

At this point, getting anything at all would be enough.
I sure don't have a membership number or any idea how many members there are.
Postage, an envelope with a letter would be just fine for me.
It's extremely easy to make a story in the press with a tiny group. I've seen this at protests.

A copy of this post is at http://bennettconstruction.us/OK.html